Tribal Lion Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Lion Tattoo Ideas 

Start with a realistic lion picture (to get a standard lion idea).

tribal lion tattoo

The best place for a lion tattoo probably your chest (half chest size tattoo), or your upper arm, or a real full sized back. There are 3 mostly known styled lion, a line-made "like a diamond" lion, the artistic lions (mostly at upper arm), and the wilder types.
Nowadays most regular and famous type is the diamond/line made lions.

To get ideas for your own, maybe the best choose will a colored diamond styled (I have never seen before that type)

Upper arm lion tattoo

upper arm lion tattoo

Bit more artistic upper arm lion

Chest Lion tattoo

chest lion tattoo

Made by Elvin Tattoo

Full Chest Minimalistic Lion Tattoo

Full Chest diamond Lion Tattoo

Diamond styled made by Felipe Kross