Lizard Tattoo designs

Lizard tattoos are a really rare tattoo designs. They can be a part of hawaiian or polynesian design.

The lizard carries a lot of symbolism, and cultural effects. You should take a look of these designs below, to find the best for your personality, I tried to choose really different designs (simple, colorfull, sketchy etc).

A colorful realistic lizard tattoo

Lizard of The Luck Tattoo

Not a really colorfull, but realistic

As lizards have many breeds, try to look over all, read about lizards, and lizard's life style. 
Don't forget lizards not same as geckos (amateur tattooists often forget this fact)

Fantasy styled lizard tattoo design

My opinion is, lizards tattoos fit perfectly at your back, and your upper arm, forget your leg or any other body part.